The Comet Cafe - A Review

The Comet Cafe is located in Milwaukee's East side and was featured in Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. Check out the video!

On Sundays, when you buy a drink you get all you can eat BACON. To some, they'd say that's disgusting. To my family and I (who eat healthy regularly), we thought it was fun! Ordered some beers and enjoyed our free bacon to the fullest. Kenneth got a burger, I had their famous meatloaf, and Chhally ordered the compact turkey dinner.

The food was heavenly. Comfort food at it's finest with a modern twist. Atmosphere is great. We ordered the carrot cake and banana chocolate chip cupcakes for dessert. Both were seriously amazing and addicting, especially the carrot cake.

Service was great, our waitress never refilled our water though. We had to ask twice but we will definitely come back for the food. Awesome local place where you can find SLOW FOOD. Food to be cooked slowly, enjoyed slowly. AKA how a sit down meal should be. Sorry for the crap quality, these were taken with the iPhone.

Kenneth's Burger. With Bacon. Hell yes.

Our extra crispy basket of all you can eat bacon.

Their famous bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich!

Unique deep fried compact turkey dinner in gravy.

The Comet Cafe
1947 North Farwell Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53202-1409
(414) 273-7677

Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. - A REVIEW

I'VE returned to finally update thanks to one of my best friends, Pheng. She motivated me to get back into updating this blog so here I am. :)

During our recent trip to Florida, we had dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co., in reference to the actual movie. It's a seafood restaurant, located in only large notable cities such as Chicago, Orlando, New York, etc. Food is here pricey but definitely worth it. Here's my review:

We had a group of 6 and got a table in a fairly good amount of time, about 10 minutes. It was our first time and our waitress was kind of abrupt and gave us attitude when we asked questions. They seemed really busy and it was packed in there, so we understood but then when she talked too fast for us to hear and we asked her to repeat, she just gave us more attitude!

We came here for the food so we decided it was no big deal. I liked how they had the signs on the table that you can flip to "Run Forrest Run" if you didn't need anything or "Stop Forrest Stop" if you needed your waitress.

The gumbo is amazing! Between all of us, we had the Shrimp Po'Boy, the Stuffed Shrimp, the Shrimper's Heaven, the Steamed Shellfish bucket. My younger brother isn't a fan of seafood but there were non-seafood items too! He ordered a burger. All of the food was amazing and cooked perfectly. The Shrimper's Heaven and the Po'boy were my favorite. My brother said that the burger was pretty good too!

Go to the website before you go and get the coupon for the free smoothie! Their smoothies were about $5 each!


Shrimp Po'Boy!

The Stuffed Shrimp

Shrimper's Heaven - Four different kinds of shrimp

Shellfish Bucket

My Brother's Burger, I took a bite and it was good for a burger in a seafood restaurant lol

Food is worth the money and portions are huge. Definitely worth going back for.

Bristol Renaissance Fair 2011

I've always wanted to attend a Renaissance Fair. Call me a nerd or a weirdo but history is interesting to me and to see an old English village recreated with people dressed up like they're from 1599 with foods that were eaten back then is intriguing.

I found a deal online for buy one get one free tickets because when tickets are somewhat expensive I worry that it might not be worth it. I did not know what to expect or how to dress or what to do. Their website is pretty thorough in answering questions. You can wear regular clothes and they have costumes for rent of dresses and suits for the time period. They have menus and maps for all of the food vendors, activities, performances, etc. and so off we went to the Bristol Renaissance Fair.

This man made little sculptures out of glass using a blowtorch shaped like a dragon!

Puzzle rings - Never heard nor seen one til this day.
Looks like a regular ring... but-

-You can disassemble it into different pieces and it's a challenge to get it back together.

Chhally testing his skills with Throwing Knives

Yum lol

Massive Turkey Leg. Sooo good.

Grilled Steak and Grilled Pork Chops

One part of the Village. This place was huge!

Fire juggler

There are two llamas in this picture lol

We were also taught the Ancient Art of Falconry

Beautiful Birds of Prey

The Queen!

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