Closing Day

Me and my siblings just signed the contract for our first real estate property. At the age of 21, 19, & 17; we were able to make my mom's lifelong dream of owning a restaurant come true. She's sacrificed her entire life for us and now it's time to pay her back. Be on the lookout for her new Thai restaurant!

It's going to be a Thai & Chinese Restaurant located in South Beloit, IL. About an hour away from Milwaukee in a quaint, suburby town. Featuring an All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet and my mom's amazing cooking! We're aiming for our grand opening to be March 1st and the weekend after that. If anyone is nearby, please come visit us and support my mom's dream! I will post our grand opening information as soon as we confirm everything.

I feel truly blessed and proud of my family, especially my sister and brother. Whereas there are kids their age doing drugs and partying, they were saving all of their assets in order to get the down payment for this restaurant and that was NOT easy! The hardest part is over but we are not out of the woods yet. We still have yet to open and see how neighborhood feels about Thai food. I am crossing my fingers for success! We have come too far to fail.

xoxo Vicky


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