Esley's Wonderland Themed Party!

Another fellow photographer, Shoney Photography, put together an amazing Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party for her daughter, Esley. Esley in Wonderland! Shoney walks us through her homemade Wonderland sweets, party favors, and her DIY decorations.

Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate truffles... my cousin made everything but the cake! I love her :)



Dessert table

The birthday girl, Esley and her mommy.

lips on a stick:

DIY Projects from Shoney's Wonderland themed Party:

"For the backdrop of her dessert table, I made a pocket watch on Photoshop and printed 12 out and arranged them to make a big 'E' for Esley! :) I hung paper lanterns at different heights. Hobby Lobby, during the spring, has little mushrooms! And they have really cute colorful glass jars there that are 50% off every other week!"

Table Centerpieces:

"I got those vases from Michael's on sale and the butterflies were on sale as well after Christmas. I also got the moss balls from Michael's and just put everything together. They have little glass jars for 99 cents and what you do is fill it with water with blue and red food coloring."

"I added a little white rabbit to the side of the vase. It fit really well because it's actually for planting pots. :) Also from Michael's."

Cupcake toppers:

"I also made my own cupcake toppers on Photoshop that said 'Eat me', 'drink me', 'Esley is One', 'take me' (for party favors). I didn't get a chance to take a picture of them but I also bought teacups from Goodwill and Africa's Child for really cheap and hot glued them on top of each other!"

She also created the invitation herself:


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