Super Salad Lunch

Chhally and I made a really quick and easy lunch today. Using mostly pre-packaged items!
  • Quarter of a watermelon (the ones wrapped in plastic wrap and sold in your grocery store)
  • Half of a cantaloupe (same as above)
  • Pre-Packaged Iceberg lettuce with the pieces of carrots, cabbage, radish
  • Pre-cooked Italian herbed chicken breast from my grocer's deli
  • Package of croutons
We were feeling the effects of a long weekend and got too lazy to prep and cook. This chicken salad was really filling and so good! Surprisingly good. Hmm.

We came home, poured the bag o salad onto some bowls. Re-heated the pre-cooked chicken. Topped it off with our favorite dressing and croutons. Voila!

While Chhally prepared most of the food, I used a melon baller and made us a pretty fruit salad.

We also sipped on some Moscato for a nice relaxing lunch. Aaaaah.

What's on the menu for your lunch today?

Random Acts of Kindness for Dean Opicka

March 14th is a very special day for my friends and I because that is the day we honor our teacher, friend, and mentor Dean Opicka. Mr. Opicka served in the Marines and was deployed in Iraq in 2007. Unfortunately, he never made it home. =(

This year, we decided to do random acts of kindness all over the city in memory of him.

We cut out a bunch of cards that read:

"this random act of kindness done in memory of Marine LCPL Dean Opicka"

And left them behind with every act of kindness we did.

We taped quarters to parking meters.

We taped dollar bills on bus stops.
I went around the next day as well taping more dollars to vending machines and more quarters to candy machines.

And when whomever decides to use these, they'll find one of those In Memory cards taped to the back of each dollar.

We also visited the War Memorial Center at the lakefront.

Where we located Opicka's name on a memorial honoring him and other Marines from his battalion as well.

We even got the chance to see and touch a piece of the Twin Towers.

It was so twisted and uneven. Gave me chills touching it.

It was a good day and I definitely felt proud of us for doing what we did. I hope we made someone's day a little bit brighter by helping them save a dollar while taking the bus, parking their cars, or trying to get some candy from classic candy machines and vending machines!

xoxo Vicky


Favorite Funny of the Week:

Favorite Car photo of the Week: Audi r8

Favorite Healthy Lifestyle photos of the Week:

Favorite DIY Art Project of the Week: Glue some crayons to a blank canvas. Use a blow dryer to melt the crayons and maneuver the colors into different directions.

Favorite Dessert of the Week: Nutella Swirled Bread

Favorite Video of the Week:
Caine's Arcade. This video has restored my faith in humanity :') The world needs more imagination.
Favorite Cupcake Flavor of the Week: Hennessy Cupcakes

Favorite Entertaining Idea of the Week: Fruit sliced and shaped for the edge of your mixed drinks!

Favorite Dessert of the Week: S'more bars! The kitchen cannot even handle this right now! So decadent and amazing!

Happy Friday!

Spontaneous Day in Chicago (Part 3)

We finally made it to the Willis Tower!

Adult Admission Fee: $17.50/person
Parking Fee in the Willis Garage: $14.00

The entrance to the Skydeck is located on Jackson street which is the South side of the base of the building. You ride an elevator up to an unknown floor where you go through a security check point, then a quick photo is taken of you and your group in front of a green screen. They hand you a ticket number for your photo. Then you proceed to the line where you purchase your admission ticket.

To your left is the entrance of the beginning of the tour. You walk through a lot of rooms with beautiful pictures of the city and famous monuments of Chicago. There are a lot of photo opportunities in these rooms so take your time and get your money's worth.

At the end of the walking tour, you'll be guided into an elevator. Look up, there's a TV that shows you a really cool comparison of different things you're reaching the height of as the elevator makes its way to the 103rd floor including the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, etc.

Your ears are popping as you ascend so be careful and bring some gum to chew. Remember to swallow your saliva. It helps un-pop your ears.

Step out of the elevator. Gasp.

Standing 103 stories above the city on 1.5 inches of glass; Thrill of a lifetime.

At the very last glass ledge, there is a professional photographer who takes a photo of you and your group. Be nice to him/her. A lot of people were very mean to the photographer we encountered that day. Our picture came out amazing!

This is my iPhone picture OF our picture!

When you take the elevators back down, you can purchase your photos. We bought 2 copies of our ledge photos for $32.00! Yikes but it is a priceless photo after-all.

We browsed through the multiple gift shops and pressed our own souvenir coins. Woo! What a day! I'm hoping one day we will be able to get to experience Navy Pier but on this day it was too windy and cold. I'll be back again soon, Chicago!

xoxo Vicky

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