Super Salad Lunch

Chhally and I made a really quick and easy lunch today. Using mostly pre-packaged items!
  • Quarter of a watermelon (the ones wrapped in plastic wrap and sold in your grocery store)
  • Half of a cantaloupe (same as above)
  • Pre-Packaged Iceberg lettuce with the pieces of carrots, cabbage, radish
  • Pre-cooked Italian herbed chicken breast from my grocer's deli
  • Package of croutons
We were feeling the effects of a long weekend and got too lazy to prep and cook. This chicken salad was really filling and so good! Surprisingly good. Hmm.

We came home, poured the bag o salad onto some bowls. Re-heated the pre-cooked chicken. Topped it off with our favorite dressing and croutons. Voila!

While Chhally prepared most of the food, I used a melon baller and made us a pretty fruit salad.

We also sipped on some Moscato for a nice relaxing lunch. Aaaaah.

What's on the menu for your lunch today?


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