Favorite Funny of the Week:

Favorite Car photo of the Week: Audi r8

Favorite Healthy Lifestyle photos of the Week:

Favorite DIY Art Project of the Week: Glue some crayons to a blank canvas. Use a blow dryer to melt the crayons and maneuver the colors into different directions.

Favorite Dessert of the Week: Nutella Swirled Bread

Favorite Video of the Week:
Caine's Arcade. This video has restored my faith in humanity :') The world needs more imagination.
Favorite Cupcake Flavor of the Week: Hennessy Cupcakes

Favorite Entertaining Idea of the Week: Fruit sliced and shaped for the edge of your mixed drinks!

Favorite Dessert of the Week: S'more bars! The kitchen cannot even handle this right now! So decadent and amazing!

Happy Friday!


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