Favorite Food Remix: Red Velvet Waffles

Favorite Fashion Inspiration: Monroe White Chiffon Wrap Dress

Favorite Workout Motivation of the Week:

Favorite Giggle:

Favorite Cheatsheet of the Week: Weekly Housekeeping Schedule

Favorite Wedding Idea: I would blubber and cry all the way down the aisle with this at my wedding.

Favorite Outfit of the Week: I want peachy pants now!

Favorite DIY Decor: I NEED to do this! I have kept every single movie
ticket/admission ticket I've ever attended since I was 16.

Speaking of which, tonight is date night! We're celebrating a 6 year anniversary of love and friendship with dinner at Devon Seafood Grill. Oooh, according to Chhally, any place that has valet is too fancy. But I know he's as excited as I am! lol Happy Friday!



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