Teavana Haul

As a birthday present, Chhally took me into Teavana at the mall to check out their gourmet teas. I've always wanted to try and buy some of their teas but it's VERY pricey. Here's what I got:

Tea Harmony Tumbler - Basically a water bottle for hot tea! The glass is double-walled so your tea stays hot and your hands aren't burning while holding the bottle. It also has a stainless steel strainer that you pop onto the lip of the bottle so you don't have to worry about the tea pieces. The cap is twist on with a lovely design on it. They have a larger size bottle too but I think this size is perfect for $20.

I sampled and decided on two different teas. Their flowering tea, Peach Momotaro, and a loose leaf tea mixture called Blueberry Bliss & Pineapple Kona Pop.

I've been super excited to get my hands on these flowering teas. Basically they look like little balls of organic-ness. Drop them in hot water and they bloom into beautiful displays of flowers, all the while steeping your water into delicious tea!

The blueberry bliss and pineapple tea is also really awesome. It's a looseleaf tea, so there's no teabag. You just dump a spoonful into hot water and it steeps. This is where my strainer comes in handy. This tea can also be cooled to make an iced tea. Look at those pretty colors!

Hopefully my experience at Teavana can help you better your experience if you're interested in visiting their shop. The only problem I had at Teavana is that their employees are very pushy. They're nice but they're pushy and constantly pressuring you to buy other things. They have a system that I noticed they use on every customer who walked into the store. They guide you towards their tea samples and then guide you over to the tea kettles and bottles. They interest you in things and ask you what you like. When you say, "Oh I liked this and that." They introduce you off to their tea masters who work behind the counter in the back of the store. The tea masters then work their magic and get you to buy a whole variety of teas based on what you said you liked. Make sure you make it clear what you want to buy and tell them you're not interested in anything else. They're very precise and well trained to sell things to you while being very nice!

I wanted the Peach Momotaro, so the tea master grabbed a large canister (you HAVE to buy the canisters if you're buying tea from them. They say you can bring these canisters back when you want a refill). He filled the canister with the peach tea and weighed it on the scale (this is how they price their teas, by weight) and my total came out to $195.00! I asked him if he can scale down a bit and told them I didn't want to spend more than $20 on a can of tea. He obliged. Then he grabbed other teas similar  to the one I was buying and tried to pitch them to me. I held firm and said no. Just two minutes later, the same process happened when he canned my Blueberry tea. He poured a large amount into a canister and the total came out to nearly $100. You really have to stay firm and tell these people what you want, again I said if he could scale it down to $15, that would be great. I ended up spending about $70 on my two teas and the tumbler bottle.

I like to enjoy tea often, so for me it's worth it. And with Fall and Winter on their way, I'll be drinking even more tea! I'm trying to wean myself off of coffee and sugary hot chocolate drinks this year. ;)



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