TGIF #11

Favorite Food Remix: Pizza Grilled Cheese! Good Lord!

Favorite Drool-Worthy Dessert of the Week: Chocolate chip cookie stuffed with s'mores!

Favorite Giggle of the Week
: It's even more funnier because I LOVE The Script!

Favorite Outfit of the Week: It's been getting colder and colder in Wisconsin, but that's no reason to not look CUTE!

Favorite Workout Motivation of the Week: You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You choose.

Favorite Cheat Sheet of the Week: 40 Ways to Tie a Scarf! Time to say hello to October!

Dream Home Idea of the Week: Smart!

Favorite Getaway of the Week: One day, I will honeymoon here. Sigh.

Or here.. :)


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