TGIF #12

Favorite Drool-Worthy Dessert of the Week: Yellow cake, poke holes, instant banana pudding poured over the top. Whipped cream and crushed Nilla Wafers on top. Classic made even easier! Must try this next time I crave banana cream pie (which is always)! Click the photo for the source.

Favorite Kitchen Gadget of the Week: Magic Tap - Check out their website to see it in action!

Favorite Food Remix of the Week: Eggnog French Toast! Perfect for Christmas breakfast.

Favorite Vacation Destination of the Week: This underwater hotel resort in Fiji!

Favorite Photography Idea of the Week: Making baby photos more special for the holidays by using Christmas lights. Click the photo for the source.

Favorite Style Inspiration of the Week: Holiday Nails. Red with silver glitter on top. I definitely re-created this last night (with Chhally's help ^_^) and they turned out beautiful. I love this.

Favorite Funny of the Week: You MUST read THIS story! I literally laughed out loud. One of the funniest blog posts I have ever found.

Favorite Motivation of the Week: Visual Motivation for Weight Loss. Love it! Click the photo for the source.

Favorite Cheat Sheet of the Week: This website,, lets you look up exactly when foods should really expire and how long can you safely keep foods past the dates stamped on them. This will blow your mind and save you tons of money on groceries!

Favorite DIY Project of the Week: Create your own glasses by learning how to cut bottles!

Favorite Art Piece of the Week: Artwork by Fabiola Govare. Click on the photo for the source.


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