TGIF #13

My weekly TGIF post consists of all my favorite things I've found around the internet during the week. Enjoy!

Favorite Art Piece of the Week: A bullet shooting through Play-Doh! Love it!

Favorite Beauty Idea of the Week: Christmas Tree Nails. So creative. I love the silver and red combo, red and white are sort of overdone now.

Favorite Drool-Worthy Dessert of the Week: Red Velvet Brownies. I cannot handle how vivid this photo is! I feel like I can smell and taste them now. Red Velvet, Yuuuum!

Favorite Photography Idea of the Week: "You only wear your wedding dress once so you might as well do something awesome in it!" I think I seriously might do this. The bottom three photos make it look worth it.

Favorite Kitchen Gadget of the Week: How neat is this pineapple corer? And it cuts the pineapple into a perfect spiral slice! Wherever may I order one?

Favorite Food Remix of the Week: Now this is the ultimate food remix if I have ever seen one. Cinnamon roll pancakes, cinnamon swirl and all! Very impressive.

Favorite Vacation Destination of the Week: Ayada Maldives Resort. So tranquil! Those lounge chairs look like they can use me.

Favorite Cheat Sheet of the Week: The best way to visualize and memorize Gallons, Quarts, Pints, and Cups!

Favorite DIY Project of the Week: Upcycle your paper grocery bags to create a very cute basket. 

Favorite Giggle of the Week: The Avengers eating Shawarma! And none for Loki lol! Ironman's Shawarma line was my favorite in the whole movie. 

Happy Friday!


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