Easy Jerk Chicken Skewers

This has got to be one of the easiest dinners I will ever post! I bought a bottle of Jerk Chicken marinade on sale at the store, I cut up some chicken, skewered them, and marinated them for about 2 hours. An onion and a zucchini was also cut and skewered.

We grilled the veggies first, brushing them with olive oil, on my grill pan and I get so excited when I get perfect grill marks on my food. Makes me feel like a professional chef! ;D

I'd usually serve this meal with some sort of rice pilaf but we decided to try a lower-carb dinner with just the chicken and veggies. Delish!

Tip: Soak the skewers in water before using them. 
This helps them stay moist so they don't burn during the cooking process!

Happy Eating!

I got a Crockpot!

My sister bought me a Crockpot for Christmas and Chhally bought me a bunch of other kitchen goodies. I'm excited to put everything to use! There will be some neat little Crockpot experiments coming your way now.

I'm thinking with the Crockpot and my pretty condiment tower, I can have better nacho nights, PHO nights, dessert nights, so many possibilities!

Selena Gomez Gold Glitter Nail Polish "Kissed at Midnight"

I've been searching for a really good glitter nail polish to wear for NYE and I think I've found one of my favorite new polishes. I found Selena Gomez's (Nicole by OPI) in "Kissed at Midnight" at Walmart for $7. That's the most I've ever paid for a single nail polish but I really love it. I've already used a 3rd of the bottle! And it was used exactly for a New Year party I attended and I received lots of compliments on the nails.

It requires a slow and deliberate first layer. I used the brush to move the glitter around to get good coverage.

When the first layer dries, I add a second layer.

I've also been experimenting with layering a solid color underneath the gold. Pink looks amazing with it. It's tough to find great quality nail polishes, well at least for me. I'm very picky with colors and such. I'm happy to report that this polish is worth it!


Breakfast Pie

Let's start off 2013 with one of the most creative breakfasts I discovered over the holidays! Breakfast pie. Filled with sausage, eggs, and two types of cheeses (cream cheese and cheddar cheese). Breakfast pie is perfect for sharing with family for Christmas brunch or any type of gathering. The pie was enough to feed up to 8 people! I created my own homemade sausage by seasoning some leftover ground pork that we used for egg dumplings. Italian seasoning goes a long way in turning ground pork into sausage meat!

I cooked the sausage on a skillet until cooked, then removed it from the pan. I then scrambled the eggs. After the eggs were done, I put the sausage back into the pan to combine. Then add some softened cream cheese.

I had two packages of crescent roll dough in the fridge from the holidays. I sprayed a pan and laid out my pie dough design. I didn't really follow any sort of design pattern. The crescent dough comes in triangles so I did what I could to completely cover the bottom of the pan, leaving out these triangles to be folded over once the filling was in!

I then topped the sausage-egg mixture with cheddar cheese and began folding over the dough triangles.

Brush the pie with some egg wash and sesame seeds!

Bake and voila!

Happy Eating! 

Dinner at Cempazuchi, (Milwaukee Review)

One of my best friends, Mareza, is of Mexican nationality. I've been to her home for dinner and her mom makes the most authentic Mexican dishes that are to die for! Mareza has been raving about Cempazuchi for a while and I thought Chhally and I should give it a go. I figured if Mareza thought it was delicious, then it MUST be absolutely delicious.

Cempazuchi is located on Brady Street, parking is quite a gamble here but we were lucky to find a spot right in front. The outside of Cempazuchi is wonderfully lit and decorated. The inside was warm, inviting and also decorated really well. We were seated right away and the place was bustling with waiters and people. There is a bar area and lots of margaritas.

Chips and salsa were placed on our table right away. Not your regular red tomato salsa, though. Two brown purees, one a light brown and the other a darker chocolaty brown. Both were spicy, and very good! The lighter brown one had a peanuty, garlic hint to it and I couldn't stop eating it.

Word of advice from my friend Mareza, try the enchiladas or the tortas. She says they are well made here.

We went for the Cubana Torta (Cempazuchi's most popular sandwich) and the Salmon Tacos. Our food hit the table in less than 10 minutes and we dug in.

The Cubana Torta ($8.95) is composed of Mexican pulled pork, bacon, avocado, beans, and jalapenos. If you only try Cempazuchi once in your life, allow the Cubana Torta to grace your tastebuds. I kid you not, once you taste this sandwich you will never want to eat another pulled pork sandwich elsewhere. The torta is served with a salad and a slice of watermelon. I love that about this meal because it's healthy, fresh, and it leaves you happy (not bloated). Sorry about the quality of photos, we used our iphones.

The salmon tacos ($9.95) were top notch. Freshly grilled salmon on a bed of lime slaw tucked in a flour or corn tortilla. Perfection! The rice and beans that accompanied the tacos were also very well cooked. The beans came hot (not spicy but very warm) and soft. The rice was fluffy and flavorful but not overpowering. The tacos are also served with a sauce, Chipotle mayo, that I really liked.

Ever since I've discovered Cempazuchi, I've already been there twice. In the same week! And you must understand that I am not keen on driving across town into the East side to battle for parking just to eat any food. Cempazuchi is that much worth the effort. Prices are very reasonable.

For dessert, we enjoyed a cinnamon-vanilla pudding, layered a fluffy cinnamon cake. Topped with Mexican cookies. From the description our waitress gave us, this was unexpected. It smelled like horchata pudding and the composure of this dessert is what tiramisu would be like.

Atmosphere and service was great and we definitely recommend. We were even gifted with these little candies when we received our check.

1205 E. Brady Street 
Milwaukee, WI 53202

2012 in Photos

Errrmahgerrd, 2013! My first post of 2013! My blogger resolution is: I promise to update almost every other day this year. I'm going through all my posts from this year and I'll recap with you all my favorite photos.

Happy New Year!

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