First Timer's Guide to NYC

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We spent a Friday through Sunday weekend in New York City and it was amazing (read about Day 1 and Day 2). The NYC experience was everything and more for me because I honestly didn't think I'd fall in love with New York! The prospect of traveling there was exciting but daunting. We all had a list of everything we wanted to see (Central Park, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, 9/11 Memorial, Chinatown, etc) and another list of foods we wanted to try, but we were also overwhelmed because we had no clue where to even begin to plan!

We had so many questions that a lot of the online guides to New York City just didn't explain. How exactly far apart were all of the sights? How will we get around? Where exactly can you go each day and which routes should you take to get there so you're not going in circles?

I'm going to try and share as many details as I can about our trip, how we figured things out, how we got around, and our entire itinerary so that anyone (especially other first timers) can plan their own!

First, where we stayed was in the heart of Times Square. Literally, one block away from Times Square. Any and every hotel in Manhattan (which is where you want to be) is going to be very pricey! Be on the look out for any deals but be prepared to spend the most on hotel and airfare. I HIGHLY recommend staying in Times Square because the location puts you at easy access to all of the sightseeing and restaurants. Not only that, but if you do have to use the subway or public transportation system then you will always be able to find your way back to your hotel (just follow all the signs that point to Times Square).

Choosing Where to Stay
Our hotel: The Milford Plaza Hotel in Times Square. $800 booked for Friday-Monday. When occupied by four people, it's cheaper to split! $200/person for the entire weekend. We stayed here solely for the location, but there were many other hotels I would have preferred to stay at such as the Marriott or Hilton. This hotel was under construction at the time, so it was difficult to enjoy.  In the end, I was glad just to have a place to settle in for the night that was close to where we were exploring.

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The view from our room, on the 17th floor.

Getting to the Hotel From the Airport:
Every online guide told me that a taxi cab was the way to go. So we didn't plan anything and just decided to try and obtain a taxi once we landed. We flew into La Guardia, so as our plane flew around Manhattan into the Bronx area (30 min East of Manhattan) we got a bird's eye view of the city, which gave us an idea of how truly HUGE the city is, and the traffic!! I was worried that our 30 minute taxi ride would turn into a meter-ticking-by-every-minute-stuck-in-traffic fiasco. Once we grabbed our bags, we asked an airport employee where to go to get into a cab. He directed us to the exit but told us if we were interested then another popular option would be to call for a car service. He explained that, as a local, he's not a fan of taxis and that a car service charged a flat rate regardless of traffic or how long you're in the car. He gave us a number to dial, we called and were quoted $34 for four people with all of our luggage and a town car was sent to us in less than 10 minutes. Our driver was very friendly, giving us advice as he drove, showing us landmarks and interesting things as we passed them. We called the same car service (Dial 7 Car Service) for our return trips. They operate nearly 24/7! Who knew renting a private town car to pick you up would be so cheap! And it made us feel like a million bucks. Tip nor tolls are included in the price.

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Photo of us driving through the tunnel from the Bronx to Manhattan, it goes underwater!

Getting Around the City:
Walk, walk, and walk some more! Your phone's map will come in handy for all of the walking directions you will need. If you'd rather not drain your battery, I suggest printing out your walking directions on paper before the travel dates.

Download CrossWalk NYC app for detailed map and routes of MTA – NYC’s Public Transit System. Transit System is much similar to Chicago’s. You must buy a Metro Pass at a kiosk at a station, then load the pass with money. You can swipe the pass at every station entry and it will allow 1 person per swipe through the turnstile. All fare for buses and trains is $2.50. 

The four of us used the subway to get to Lower Manhattan (Ferry, 9/11 Memorial/Wall Street/ Chinatown/ Little Italy) and back to Times Square at the end of the day. Each couple got 1 Metro card and loaded it with $10. The first person swiped the card, went through the turnstile, then passed the card back to the second person to swipe. Subway entrances with GREEN lights in front of them are indicators that there is an employee-manned kiosk inside along with automated machines where you can get/reload metro cards.

**Tip** Do NOT purchase the unlimited/all-day/weekly subway pass. With the regular Metro Card you can swipe as many times, perfect for multi-person use. With the Unlimited Pass, you can only swipe once then have to wait 20 mins before you can swipe again. 

If you have trouble swiping the card, like we did, make sure the black strip on the card is facing the right way and also try swiping faster. We swiped too slow and it always read ERROR. When we swiped faster, it worked.

Plan An Itinerary:
Our itinerary helped us stay on track. It's easy to get caught up in sightseeing and lose track of what's next. We planned our itinerary using Google Maps to see where everything was in relation to each other. You can download the full itinerary of our trip here. The itinerary is 4 pages long. Note that we originally were also supposed to visit the Empire State Building so we could get daytime views of the city but we decided not to go. We were super satisfied with the experience at the Rockefeller Observation Deck and, thus, saved $50!

What to Be Careful Of:
Practice common sense just like with any other unfamiliar city you would travel to. Do not keep money, cards, or wallets in your pockets as these can be easily pick-pocketed in the crowds you'll be walking in.  We carried a backpack and kept most of our valuables all the way at the bottom of the backpack. I also carried a purse that was slung over my shoulders and around my waist so my purse was always in front of me. I also carried pepper spray with me because I normally carry it anyways. (Pepper spray can be in your checked luggage).

When buying souvenirs from one of the street vendors, prepare to be haggled. Know your limit and if you simply say, "No, Thank you" they won't push too hard. Also, when buying things from street vendors, make sure the cash they give back to you is the correct amount. I bought two paintings as souvenirs that were $5 each. I gave the guy a $20 bill and he handed me $5 hoping I would not notice or say anything. I told him I gave him $20 politely but loudly, and he paused, then laughed it off and said "Oh, you right, you right!" Reluctantly, he gave me a $10 and I gave him the $5 back.

When walking towards the vicinity of Central Park, prepare to be approached by MANY hustlers trying to sell you their services for guided tours around the park or rent bicycles to you. Just simply say, No, thank you. We're not interested. Sorry. They will talk for a LONG time. Then when you say No, they will try and give you discounts. (ie. "You know what I can do for you. I'm not supposed to, but I can give you a discount.") They will do a very good job convincing people by saying things like, "It will take you 5 hours to walk around the whole park, the park is too big for you to walk." Say No, thank you. Sorry, we are not interested. We were approached by 4 different people. Two of whom would not take no for an answer. They even followed us into the park. We had to eventually ignore them and continue walking while they shouted, "Aw, c'mon. Listen to me for one sec. I will give you a better discount!" Stay firm.

Pay attention to all of the signs of where a train is heading when using the Subway. For example, the app told us to get on "Train 1". We thought were on the right train but little did we know there was a Train 1 and a Track 1. Both are completely different things. The second time we messed up, we were trying to get back to Times Square and nearly ended up on a train going to Brooklyn. We asked a local how to find the right train and it was on the opposite side of the track. So we had to go back up to street level, cross the street, and go back down into the subway entrance on the opposite side. Luckily, there was a kiosk where we told the employee what happened and he let us through the turnstile without us having to pay again.

Safety was never an issue while we were in New York. There are NYPD officers present everywhere. Even in every subway area, which made us feel better because the subway can be sketchy at night.

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With an NYPD officer! 

Other Tips

  • Bring a backpack. Makes it easier for everyone to bring things (water bottles, light jackets, maps, phone chargers, cameras, etc). Everyone can take turns carrying the backpack. Also makes it easier for you to get through security checkpoints at certain places (Rockefeller, 9/11 memorial)
  • Bring an umbrella. My local friends tell me that all New Yorkers carry umbrellas. The weather can change quickly. We brought one and are glad we did. While walking through Central Park, it rained briefly for about 20 minutes.
  • Carrying CASH is easier.
  • If you get lost, ask a local.
  • Be polite to everyone! NYC is a worldwide tourist destination. You are basically representing wherever you are from, so be kind and polite to everyone you meet! Everywhere we went, we offered to take photos for families, couples, etc. People were really grateful and even offered to take photos for us in return. 
  • Remember to TIP in all restaurants, bellhops, drivers who help you with your luggage!
  • Help the homeless. It's good karma.

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We asked a woman if she wanted a picture in this same spot with her husband, she was so glad we helped her that she returned the favor for us!

Total Cost of Trip:
Here's a budget breakdown of our entire trip per 2 persons, not including airfare.
$20 - Transport from Airport ($40 split between 4 people = $10/person)
$30 - Lunch at Shake Shack (for two)
$2   - Chocolate Covered Strawberries
$0   - Central Park
$54 - Top of the Rock Observation Deck @ Rockefeller Center ($27/person)
$18 - Souvenir Photo ($35 for two photos)
$6   - Halal Dinner
$30 - Brunch at Juniors (We split 1 entree, had OJ, coffee, dessert, fresh fruit)
$10 - Metro Card
$0   - Staten Island Ferry
$0   - 9/11 Memorial
$4   - Dumplings and Sandwich @ Prosperity Dumplings
$5   - Ice Cream @ Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
$40 - Souvenirs
$25 - Bar Bites and Cocktails @ R Lounge
$20 - Miscellaneous snacks, bottled water, slices of pizza, toiletries.
$40 - Return Transfer to Airport (including gratuity and toll)
Total: $284

If you add the $400 from our hotel costs, it adds up to $684. Not bad at all considering that IS for two people. Chhally and I only stayed for Friday and Saturday, then we were back home Sunday morning. If we were to stay another day, I think the price would be up another $80-100 or so.

I hope my guide will help you in planning your trip to NYC. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to comment or e-mail me. If you have already been to NYC and would like to add your own word of advice, feel free to do the same!

Be sure to check out my reviews of all the places we visited in New York City on!

New York City (Day 2)

We woke up somewhat early the next morning to get ready and head for brunch. We arrived at Junior's down the street for some delicious Classic Eggs Benedict, fresh fruit, and world famous Egg Cream. Junior's also has some of the best cheesecakes in NYC, so if you're here be sure to grab a slice.

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 photo IMG_6394_zps0525aac2.jpg

Then it was off to the subway station to purchase Metro cards. Once in hand, we swiped to get through the subway turnstiles and we were in for an underground adventure all the way to the bottom of Manhattan. We then transferred to a bus to take us to the South Ferry. We hopped onto the free ferry to sail pass the Statue of Liberty. Here's the view of Manhattan's financial district from the boat:
 photo IMG_6406_zps08801e72.jpg

 photo IMG_6447_zpsdc852892.jpg

 photo IMG_6449_zps679da688.jpg

The round trip to Staten Island and back took about 1.5 hours. Then we mapped our way to the World Trade Center. Still under construction but still magnificent. 

 photo IMG_6469_zps08e4297a.jpg

 photo IMG_6504_zps88f6bf71.jpg

And the very emotional and thought provoking visit to the 9/11 Memorial Site at Ground Zero.
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 photo IMG_6516_zps35aaf2a5.jpg

Onto Chinatown!
 photo IMG_6552_zps6ea4d6b2.jpg

Where we stumbled upon a movie being filmed!
 photo IMG_6557_zpsfa820063.jpg

And Prosperity Dumplings. 
 photo IMG_6559_zpsdfbf07f9.jpg

The number one dumpling place outside of China!
 photo IMG_6563_zps60dfd4d0.jpg

Peking Duck Sesame Pancake. More sandwich than pancake.
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 photo IMG_6568_zps0c4615d9.jpg

From Chinatown to the famous Katz's Deli
 photo IMG_6579_zpsae9698e1.jpg

 photo IMG_6579_zpsae9698e1.jpg

Then onward to the famous Big Gay Ice Cream shop. Where I had an ice cream cone called the Salty Pimp, it was seriously the best cone I've ever had. I love Wisconsin's frozen custard, but the Salty Pimp was a dipped vanilla cone sprinkled with sea salt and ribboned with caramel. I didn't even get the chance to take a picture it was soooo good!
 photo IMG_6582_zpsf5b37bdb.jpg

We hit the Subway train back to Times Square (got lost a few times but with the help of friendly locals we found the right train)! We did some more souvenir shopping and then stopped in at the R Lounge right above Times Square to enjoy some fancy bar bites and cocktails. 
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 photo IMG_6612_zpse4971700.jpg

 photo IMG_6614_zps3c235cc7.jpg

 photo nyc1_zpsac9c3428.jpg
Cheers to NYC!

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I can now cross off #26 on my Bucket List. Up next: My First Timer's Guide to NYC. Filled with all of the details, information, and advice for anyone looking to travel to New York City for the first time.

New York City (Day 1)

We are just now unpacking from our weekend in New York City. I have fallen in love with the city. I never understood what people meant when they said that they are absolutely in love with NYC, but now I get it! I totally get it!

We landed around noon on Friday and got to our hotel around 12:45. Check-in was speedy so we were soon settled in and freshening up for our first day of sightseeing to begin! 

First stop, lunch at the famous Shake Shack! Directly across the street from our hotel, so we hopped right in the line that stretched out of the door and across the building. They have menus posted on their tall glass windows, so perusing through the menu while we waited was fun.

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I got the Shake Burger, fries, vanilla shake! I didn't think it was going to live up to the hype, but it was very good food. The fries were crispy and hot, the burger was cooked to a perfect medium, toppings were fresh, and the vanilla shake was also surprisingly good. $30 for both Chhally and I! Yikes! But, hey, when in Rome (or in our case, New York).
 photo IMG_5946_zps4aef5bd5.jpg

After a fabulous lunch, we talked 2 blocks over to the center of the iconic Times Square.
Where we took tons of pictures, explored the different angles, and maneuvered through the crowd.

 photo IMG_5984_zps1229c72a.jpg

Then we directed our maps to Central park, and started our first long walk through the city.
We scored Chocolate Covered Strawberries on a stick outside of Edible Arrangements for $1!
 photo IMG_6019_zpscdb9ddf0.jpg
**Tip: Bring allergy medicine! My eyes, nose, lymph nodes were very puffy from allergies**

Then we finally found the park.
 photo IMG_6040_zps77dbc583.jpg

 photo IMG_6084_zps9ed01e53.jpg
We enjoyed a cold beer and a glass of wine at the Loeb Central Park Boathouse.
I wanted to ride a boat so bad, but due to rain in the forecast they closed. :(

 photo IMG_6097_zps1e0383a0.jpg
The breathtaking Bethesda Fountain.

 photo IMG_6112_zps0ac87227.jpg

 photo IMG_6119_zps5e14ed1e.jpg

 photo IMG_6133_zps90dcd43a.jpg

 photo IMG_6183_zps6a106b74.jpg

After about 1.5 hours in the park, we exited onto the shops at 5th Avenue.
We window shopped and made our way to our next stop!
 photo IMG_6209_zps7bbcd1c1.jpg

Once we saw Radio City Music Hall, we made a left and found...
 photo IMG_6236_zps4950a8e4.jpg

Rockefeller Plaza!!
 photo IMG_6239_zpsa9a2e7bf.jpg

 photo IMG_6240_zps5a507d6a.jpg

 photo IMG_6242_zpsdd67f8ab.jpg

 photo IMG_6244_zpsf380c415.jpg

 photo IMG_6261_zpsae5f228b.jpg

Amazing view of Central Park.
 photo IMG_6265_zps1ddc065e.jpg

360 degree views of New York City and the sunset.
 photo IMG_6270_zps03f2032b.jpg

 photo IMG_6275_zpscb6733e4.jpg

 photo IMG_6285_zps9094561c.jpg

 photo IMG_6321_zpse754e16b.jpg

Empire State Building!
 photo IMG_6353_zps49ba228d.jpg

After maybe 2 hours hanging out on the roof of the Rockefeller building, we walked to 53rd and 6th Ave for some Halal food. According to, as well as local recommendation, this is some of the BEST street food in the entire city. We gave it a shot. For $6 you get this whole pan of food, Chicken with Rice, Pita, and Lettuce. THE ABSOLUTE BEST STREET FOOD I HAVE EVER EATEN.
 photo IMG_6366_zpsfaf64765.jpg

We ate our food then continued our walk back to Times Square. Completely different views at night.
After a few more photos and souvenir shopping in Times Square, we returned to our hotel to relax and rest for our next day! By the first couple of hours until the end of our trip, we were all in complete awe.
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