Tribal Nails

I wanted to do something different because I've been doing plain solid nails or glitter nails all summer. I'm not a fan of cheetah print or zebra print, basically any animal designs. This tribal design was something that appealed to me. I started by painting a solid watermelon dark pink color.

I tried making tribal designs with a regular permanent marker but the lines were too thick for what the design needed. Here's how they turned out with regular permanent marker..

I started over and tried the tribal print with super fine tipped permanent markers. A 10 pack was on sale at Walgreen's for $3.99 instead of $8.99! I got all the colors in this pack but only used the black.

I let the ink dry for about 15 minutes before apply the top coat. I didn't wait and did one nail, causing the marker to smear. So waiting is a must! After 15 minutes, the marker didn't smear as much if you swiped the top coat over quickly and efficiently. Love how they turned out. I even received a compliment when I went to go buy food at a food stand yesterday. Over time, I'm planning on experimenting with the colors, but black is foolproof and more original. 

- Happy Hump Day!


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