TGIF #15

Favorite Drool-Worthy Dessert of the Week: Lemon White Chocolate Krispies Treats. My two favorite flavors in my ultimate favorite treat. Could this be true? From The Tasty Fork!

An exciting new feature to our blog!

We are so excited to announce another new change we've added to The Sugar Junkie Blog. If you notice on the navigation bar, there is now a new Recipes tab and there was never one there before.

We did have a Recipes link that showed you all of the recipes that have ever been posted, but it was difficult to find specific ones you could be looking for or search through them. We've been working hard on developing an easier way to navigate through the many, many recipes posted to this blog. After a long while of building it, we can now announce our amazing new recipes page

It's got snazzy pictures, thumbnails, and different categories.

You can now Search for specific recipes using keywords, or click through by these nifty Categories

For example, if you click on Key Ingredient, there is a huge list of ingredients you can click on that will take you to a list of recipes containing that ingredient! Or if you don't know what you want to eat, you can always click on Course and it will show you a list of Dinner ideas, Lunch Ideas, Dessert ideas, etc. Check it out for yourself or let us know what you think below. 

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Rosemary + Garlic Pork (5 Ingredients)

I am beaming at how amazing this meal turned out. If you are not a fan of pork or have trouble cooking your pork, this is it. This is the recipe that will make it all better. The pork was so flavorful and juicy, much similar to the consistency of a good steak or roasted chicken. It wasn't dry or grey; it was amazing!

Easy Monkey Bread (5 Ingredients!)

The heat wave of summer has finally subsided in Milwaukee and we are now experiencing some really cool days. There's a lot of nostalgia when I think of Fall; it's the one season where I do most of my baking and inventing or re-inventing classic recipes.

My good friend and business partner, Lisa, taught me an easy recipe for Monkey Bread, or pull-apart bread. This recipe is practically fool-proof and I'll bet that you have at least 3 or more of these ingredients in your pantry or fridge right this moment! What I thought began as a small amount of ingredients, definitely made enough to feed 8 or so people.

Chicken Alfredo with Cavatappi Pasta

Cavatappi is the name for this type of curly, swirly pasta noodle. I just discovered Cavatappi pasta and I don't think I'll go back to any other plain, old pasta shapes anymore. Seriously, just by changing up my pasta in such a simple dish made this Alfredo feel that much more luxurious and fancy. 

The extra chicken from yesterday's dish was used by reheating it and simmering it in the Alfredo sauce while the pasta cooked. Right when the pasta was drained, I mixed in two tablespoons of butter until it was melted and then sprinkled fresh grated Parmesan onto the pasta. Now, we waited until the pasta was plated before sprinkling with grated Mozzarella cheese, spooning the Alfredo sauce on top, and garnishing with dried parsley flakes.  Not quite a healthy dish, but very warming and hearty. :)

Scalloped Potatoes with Chicken

Sometimes, time or budget (or in my case, tiredness) can limit dinner ideas. To save money and time, I've remixed a classic side dish by adding chicken and turning it into a main dinner idea. Much similar to the Scalloped Potatoes and Shrimp dish I made forever ago.

EOS Shaving Cream (Review)

Decided to buy this EOS Shaving cream on a whim and try it out. EOS Lip balms are very well known for their round egg-shaped design and these new shaving cream bottles are very much as eye-catching. There are 3 different scents, Lavender Jasmine (the one I will  be reviewing), Vanilla, and Pomegranate Raspberry.

Crab & Zucchini Rotini

We've been experimenting with lighter, healthier, and less meaty meals lately. Our crab and zucchini rotini pasta was something different. It's just as hearty as a saucy pasta but light enough to avoid that heavy meal feeling and, with the versatility of being a really good meal hot or cold, this one is a winner for weekday dinners or work-time lunch.

Marley's (Wisconsin Dells, WI) - Review

To wrap up our last day in the Dells, we all headed over to Marley's for our last dinner together. A long day of horseback riding, go-kart riding, and even more downtown shopping calls for some good food, naturally.

Marley's is a Caribbean restaurant on one side and a night club on the other, offering up some pretty unique appetizer, drinks, and food. They've got a huge patio for outdoor dining and an even larger space inside. Our server was incredible, offering up drink specials (2 for 1 Mai Tai's!) and getting our appetizers in right away.

We all said cheers, posed for a couple instagram photos, and enjoyed our Mai Tai's! ;)

Wasn't long before our appetizers arrived...

MACS (Wisconsin Dells, WI) - REVIEW and MENU!

(Photos courtesy of my amazing iPhone Photography)

During our first full day spent in the Dells, we made sure to make a stop for lunch at MACS, a mac n cheese restaurant located in the Downtown Dells area. Everyone was pretty excited about this place; we spent all morning looking at drool-inducing photos from review sites! It was easy enough to find and we were worried that we might've had to wait for a table (for our group of over 10) but once we walked in, we were relieved to find that the place wasn't nearly as busy as we thought it would be and there was ample seating for us to push some tables together in the back. The restaurant style is exactly like Noodles & Co. or Panera Bread. You order food from the counter and seat yourself. There's self-service soda and iced tea, LOTS of Mac N Cheese options, as well as sandwich melts on the menu, and their desserts sound absolutely divine (salted caramel cheesecake? Hello!)...

Labor Day Weekend in The Dells!

Hi, all! Sorry for the lack of updates. August was an excruciatingly busy month, so we've fallen behind a bit. September is looking like a much more chill month so there's lots of good stuff coming your way, promise!

For Labor Day weekend, just last week, my friends and I planned an epic end-of-the-summer trip as a large group and I am excited to share our trip details. I'm not new to the Dells area, and have been visiting since I was a kid, but there's always something I do on every visit that I've never done before. This time I got to try some really amazing food from two restaurants I will highly recommend (more details later!)

More so, I am just excited that a trip planned with our friends finally came to fruition. After a lot of hiccups in planning and communication as well as several people dropping out, the trip started off as a headache. I'm happy we got to make it happen and hopefully this is the start of planning more great trips together.

We stayed at the Wilderness Resort, in regular hotel rooms all booked next to each other. Our rooms were ground floor, which gave us really easy access in and out of our rooms (and each other's rooms) through our patio doors. It was also nice to walk straight from the patio door to your car in the lot, instead of troubling your way through the hallways. Our first night was spent inside the hotel, hanging out and drinking together.

Then the next day, we headed to the Tommy Bartlett show...

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