Deep Fried Shrimp Scampi Ravioli

After a very long, drawn out two weeks of being sick and settling for soups, other easy-to-eat foods, then dealing with everyone in the household being sick, I was definitely in the mood for something crunchy in my meals. Buitoni Shrimp Scampi ravioli was on sale during a quick grocery run yesterday. I bought it initially to boil, then eat with some regular pasta sauce. Today, I decided to bread them and make fried ravioli.  

Best decision I've made all week, honestly!

Baked Loaded Fries

I've made this dinner before and wanted to recreate it again for friends who came over to hang out. We had some leftover nacho cheese already but this recipe can be made without that. It's another recipe that can be made using 5 ingredients or less, assuming you've already got salt and pepper. This would also make a perfect game day recipe, if you made a whole batch of fries and served the toppings buffet style for people to create their own "Frachos," nacho fries.

DIY Wall Mounted Tin Planters

We made these really crafty looking wall-mounted planters and they turned out great for being a DIY project for under $10. We bought these tins for $1.50 each at Michael's craft store, we originally bought 2 tins to start off with but after making these, we were happy with how they turned out so much that we went back and bought 3 more.  The tins originally looked like this...

Fried Pickles with Creamy Sriracha Dipping Sauce

Fried pickles made with less than 5 ingredients? Cloud 9! Even better; not using any dishes to make them? Heaven! And this creamy Sriracha dipping sauce is so simple, it's made with just sour cream and Sriracha. It's cool at first with a slight kick, perfect pairing for fried pickles. If you're not a fan of spicy sauces, like myself, you'll love this one. More Sriracha can be added for those who like their stuff spicier!

Looking for a Sunday night football appetizer? Or just have a fried food craving that you can't satisfy? :)

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