First Timer's Guide to San Francisco

One of my best friends, Lisa, and I decided to take a spontaneous trip out to warmer weather! I decided on San Francisco, through a random conversation with another friend. I started planning the sights and destinations inside of San Francisco that I wanted to see. Lisa hopped on board. We booked our room and tickets then we were out of the cold, wet, and gloomy city of Milwaukee in less than 3 weeks!

Just like my first timer's guide to NYC, I'm going to try and share as many details as I can about our trip, how we figured things out, how we got around, and our entire itinerary so that anyone (especially other first timers) can plan their own!

San Francisco Day 4 - Japantown, Golden Gate Park, Chinatown

On our last day in SF we started with a beautiful breakfast at Sweet Maple. Hands down the most mindblowing breakfast experience I've ever had. I ordered the Grand Marnier French toast with their famous "Millionaire's Bacon." Absolutely amazing. The french toast is battered in Grand Marnier, an orange liquor. So fluffy and light. The hints of orange really makes it one of a kind. The Millionaire's bacon is so rich and smoky, it melts in your mouth. 

Lisa had the deep fried french toast. It was just as amazing but she said for breakfast, it left her feeling kind of heavy. But the atmosphere and the plating of the food was gorgeous. I would definitely make this a must-do while in San Fran. The wait for a table is VERY ridiculous but with good reason. We waited about 45 minutes to an hour. Lucky for us we enjoyed the gorgeous weather by sunning ourselves outside on the benches. 

After brunch, we walked a few blocks over to the...

San Francisco Day 3 - Brunch, Westfield Centre, Tony's Pizza

Friday was our second full day on our San Francisco trip. The weather forecasted rain today so we switched up our plans and decided to head to the mall. We headed out around 10:45am, rode the bus all the way to 4th and Townsend, where we walked over to Little Skillet for a quick brunch. I hear they have the best chicken and waffles, served from a quaint shuttered window in a cute little alley. We were literally the only ones there by 11:30. There are no tables, no places to sit and eat except for two bar stools and a ledge off to the side of the window. We ordered our food (2 piece chicken and waffles, with an extra side of fruit, and a sweet tea) and grabbed dibs on the bar stools and ledge to commence nomming. 

The entire meal costs about $18. Without the fruit and sweet tea, it would only have been about $10.

I've had chicken and waffles in Atlanta, GA, the chicken and waffles supreme capital! I can honestly say ...

San Francisco Day 2 - Golden Gate Bridge, Marshall Beach, & Fisherman's Wharf

We started our first full day in San Francisco fairly early. Left the hotel around 9:30 or 10am. We hopped on the 30 bus towards the Marina District. It was a quick ride and once we got off on our stop, we headed over to Dynamo Donut and Coffee. A cute little kiosk right by the Marina. Lisa and I split the Maple Bacon Apple donut and the Peanut Butter Banana donut. So good! Especially the one with the bacon on it. We enjoyed our simple breakfast on the patio tables right by the water. Lovely way to start the day.

After, we started our walk on the beautiful San Francisco Bay Trail towards Torpedo Wharf.

The views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Bay, and of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (what's on the North end of the Bridge) are so breathtaking! We were so lucky and grateful for a clear and sunny day to enjoy our walk!

Here are the pictures from our trail walk and Torpedo Wharf:

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