Chicken & Waffle Sandwiches

I'm a sucker for Southern food. And I'm a sucker for breakfast foods. Prime example: Chicken and waffles. If you've never had it, trust me, it's divine. My first experience of it was in Atlanta at Gladys Knight's restaurant. I mean, I'm pretty sure by doing it right the first time I ruined myself for any other chicken and waffle experiences. 

The best and only way to recreate the experience: make it yourself. And if you can, take it one step further.

DIY Hanging Glass Terrariums

I know you've probably seen so many glass terrariums over the past few months. Pinterest, especially. When I first started seeing them around, I thought, "Pretty cool." And that was it. Wasn't really interested in ever making one. But over time, they started to grow on me once I started seeing all of the creative DIY terrariums popping up all over Pinterest. It's such a versatile and easy way to add a little greenery to your home. Something that our apartment currently lacks. 

A glass vessel to display your mini ecosystem is a must. Where you wish to display your glass vessel, is up to you. We decided on hanging glass terrariums. I had a 40% off coupon for Michael's, so we got these for a discount. Hollaaa! Original price for these are about $12 each. Michael's even had these same exact glass containers with cute, plastic faux terrariums in them already. So if you're just going for the decorative only look, they've done all the work for you. Then, using ceiling hooks made for planters, we hung them above our kitchen sink. Each ceiling hook kit was less than $2. 


While we were in Home Depot buying the ceiling hooks, I also bought an herb planter (the white one on the window sill) for $10! I painted it white, and each pot a different color. But that's another project in itself. Back to terrarium land.

The basic supplies for your own DIY terrarium are:

  • A glass vessel, found at thrift stores, craft stores, Target. Open ones are preferred over closed.
  • Gravel or rocks
  • Soil
  • Activated charcoal, garden stores or pet supply stores 
  • Variety of succulent plants, keep the size of your vessel in mind while choosing plants
  • Live moss, garden stores have this but you may not be able to find it during winter months
  1. Fill the bottom of the container with a layer of gravel or rocks. This layer will filter drainage and keep your plant roots away from collecting moisture to prevent root rot.
  2. Add a layer of charcoal. This is highly recommended if your container will have a lid or be closed. I really suggest going with an open container instead of a closed one so the plants may breathe better and you won't have too much moisture building up in your terrarium. The charcoal prevents mildew or mold. 
  3. Add a layer of soil. 
  4. Remove your plants from their pots and clear away excess soil from the root, taking care not to rip or damage them. Nestle your plants in the terrarium, using more soil and rocks as necessary. It's easiest to start from the back of the container and work your way forward.
  5. Once the plants are arranged, you can add a layer of sand or gravel around them. And then finish landscaping with the live moss. 
  6. Succulents are very low maintenance, needing to be lightly watered every 2 weeks or when the soil dries out. They should also be placed in direct sunlight everyday. 
Happy planting!

- Vicky & Andrew

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Rolls

Lasagna? Classic. Chicken Alfredo Lasagna? Whoa. It's about damn time we reinvent the wheel. Change the game. Bring out the new classics.  

Rolling the lasagna noodles into individual portions make serving a dream. Sloppy plating is a thing of the past and so is maneuvering your way around stringy hot cheese when you move a piece of lasagna from the baking dish to your plate. Just look at how beautiful they are.

In order for this recipe to work, you must...

Lemon Pancakes

Bright and cheery lemon pancakes, made with 3 ingredients or less, to help you slay the brunch game amongst your friends and family. Or slay your diet if you plan on keeping them all to yourself. The focus is on the poppy seed sauce; made with more ingredients than the pancakes themselves. Naturally, drool inducing.You'll want extra, so double up on the measurements. 

It brings this recipe together, adds the vibrancy and texture. Do yourself a favor and try it, even if it's not your thing. Experimenting with other ways to crown your pancake stacks with something other than syrup is life-enhancing. Truuuust me!

Zenshin Asian Restaurant - Las Vegas

My first trip out to Vegas this year ended with a dinner at Zenshin. Located inside a locals casino, their prices are unbeatable during their happy hour specials. We were able to order so many different things. Starters included chili garlic flavored Edamame and Salmon Poke. Both really addicting flavors. 

Kobe sliders were the highlight of this meal. I had them with my sushi as an entree and had no regrets. Sliders are my THING. These were really well-made and just so good.  I also had a shrimp tempura roll, which was good. The sauce drizzled onto the sushi was too light, didn't have much flavor to add to the roll. At the time, their sushi roll selections weren't so vast but they have since expanded their menu and it looks appealing.

Overall consensus of the food was good, service was good, atmosphere and presentation of the food was great. I'd go back just for the competitive prices during their happy hour and those sliders. 

Zenshin Asian Restaurant
inside South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa
9777 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89183
(702) 797-8538

White Chocolate Cherry Cookies

The perfect Valentine's Day cookie. This is laughable but these two are the only photos I got of these cookies. Once they were baked, they were doomed. Dear boyfriend couldn't even wait until they were fully cooled, he was picking them off one by one from the cooling rack!

Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta

I know I say a lot of recipes are easy on here. But you gotta believe me, this one actually takes the crown for being one of the easiest recipes when in reality it tastes like something you'd get at an amazing Italian restaurant or spent way more time than you did making it. You know, like something fancy.

Blueberry Banana Bread

So the problem that I have with baking breads is that sometimes they can be on the dry side. For this recipe, I cheated. Blueberry Banana bread, Banana bread, Blueberry bread; NONE OF IT WILL EVER BE THE SAME. How?

New Recipe Page!

Our old recipe page gave lots of our readers difficulty when they tried to view it on mobile. So we gave our index a fresh new look with easy to find categories and freakin cute thumbnail photos to give you a nice little preview of what you're lookin for. And mobile viewing is just as fancy. Don't mind if there are a couple things missing here and there, we're still working on trying to get it juuuust right. And we'll also be updating it with more and more recipes weekly. Feel free to browse the new recipe page. The link in the sidebar has been replaced with this new recipe index as well.  


DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

We've got some pretty crafty DIY projects going on around here and I'm freaking excited. Just today we completed this magnetic, chalkboard spice rack! Initially, I wanted a spice rack for the counter. Armed with a $50 gift card to Bed, Bath, & Beyond (I got it for Christmas, weeee!), we searched endlessly for a nice one that was functional aaaand not a clunky eyesore. Most stores carry spice racks that would only hold up to 16 or 20ish spice jars. Which isn't bad. But if I was going to pay $50 or more for a spice rack, it had to be something I was going to be happy with in the long run. Meaning availability of space for adding more spices as the collection grows. And not taking up about a square foot of counter space, dammit.

To the Pinterest! With a quick search result, I found a shit ton of images. All different kinds of magnetic spice racks. All, of course, waaay the hell out of my price range. So I asked a friend of mine if he could cut a steel board according to the measurements of the space above the oven. He totally got it done within a day (I still owe you, Jer! Thanks!) 

It was heavier than I thought, weighing in at 18 pounds. But if you're not lucky enough to have a friend who works in metal fabrication, there are magnetic boards you can buy here (for $17), here (for $40)! I bought a can of chalkboard spray paint from Home Depot for around $4. Gave it 3 coats and let it dry overnight. We bolted this 18 pound baby up the next day using wall anchors and screws. *Note* We accidentally scratched up the top of the stove in the process, so I highly suggest covering your appliances, counter tops, etc in a towel before mounting your board to the wall.

I ordered the jars from Fillmore Containers. The absolute cheapest prices I could find for jars like these, despite them being sold separately from their lids. Lids are .14 cents each anyways, so booyah! No complaints here. You want to get the 1.5 oz jars. For $8 per pack of 24, I went ahead and bought 2 boxes for future uses and 48 black lids. Total plus shipping came to $39!

Now all I needed were the magnets which were $6 per pack of 10. Total for magnets including shipping came to $20. For the final touch, I also ordered the spice labels from Amazon for $9.50 total. You can choose from 50 labels or 100 labels. I affixed the magnets onto the outside of the lids using a hot glue gun that I already had. Let them dry overnight for best results. 

Grand Total for this project: $72.00
More than your conventional spice rack but less than ones of the same style going for upwards of $100. With the ones you buy online, they only give you a set amount of jars and you also have to pay extra to choose which spices your set will come with. I am ridiculously happy with how this project turned out, considering it literally is just a spice rack. I mean, who gets excited over stuff like this? But it brightens up where I spend most of my time and adds a unique honeycomb of color to the wall.

My 30 spice jars don't look like many on such a wide board but you can draw in anything to decorate or add some color. I like the fact that I still have room for way more jars. I hope this answers everyone's questions as far as making your own magnetic spice rack. I'd be happy to help anyone with more details. Happy crafting!

- Vicky, TSJ 

Sugar Factory: Las Vegas (Review with Photos)

During our recent trip to Las Vegas, we had our first meal at the Sugar Factory located in the Paris Hotel. Having breakfast here sounded like the ideal way to jump-start our trip and introduce ourselves to the decadence that is pure Sin City. It took us a while to find the Sugar Factory though. We walked into what we thought was the restaurant, only to look into an empty bar-like room with a few couches and chairs. We looked around for any staff members but after a while decided to walk back into the casino to ask. They told us we were in the right place. We went back to that empty room, noticed a small sign that said to walk to the dining room to be seated. How in the hell were we supposed to know where the dining room was?

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Lemon desserts are one of my favorite things to make. Infusing things with fresh lemon zest is therapeutic in its own way, similar to how  most people feel about chocolate. This recipe is made with...

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