Sugar Factory: Las Vegas (Review with Photos)

During our recent trip to Las Vegas, we had our first meal at the Sugar Factory located in the Paris Hotel. Having breakfast here sounded like the ideal way to jump-start our trip and introduce ourselves to the decadence that is pure Sin City. It took us a while to find the Sugar Factory though. We walked into what we thought was the restaurant, only to look into an empty bar-like room with a few couches and chairs. We looked around for any staff members but after a while decided to walk back into the casino to ask. They told us we were in the right place. We went back to that empty room, noticed a small sign that said to walk to the dining room to be seated. How in the hell were we supposed to know where the dining room was?

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Lemon desserts are one of my favorite things to make. Infusing things with fresh lemon zest is therapeutic in its own way, similar to how  most people feel about chocolate. This recipe is made with...

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